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The retail and manufacturing marketplace is constantly evolving, making it an increasingly challenging area to advertise in effectively. ICE understands that marketing in the retail sector is all agility as well as a balance the right media at the right time. Traditional image based promotions in printed form, digital channels, social media with evolving Augmented Reality technology at the forefront. Ensuring the blend is correct is essential to deliver the maximum ROI – and at ICE we have all the right skills under one roof.


why? who? what? where? how?

When you know “why” you are here, it makes it much easier to communicate what you do. When you know “who” you are, you will be more effective in that communication – you can’t be everything to everyone. Then you can make an informed decision on “what” strategy, specifically timings and goals, needs to be set. Now select “where” your voice will be heard. And finally choose “how” to deploy your voice, using tactics best suited to your market.

the work

Consumers are moving more and more towards visual content. The Video and Photographic division within The ICE Agency produces stunning visual assets for use across any number and type of media campaigns.

Some estimate that 90% of online content has been uploaded in the last 2 years alone, representing a "big bang" of creativity and technology. Our skills are agile, blending new and traditional channels to achieve your marketing goals.

Steve Hencher, Chairman

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