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Leroy Merlin

Tile shopping, but not as you know it

When global home improvement giant, Leroy Merlin, wanted an App that would help its customers select and visualise tiles at home, it gave us the perfect opportunity to flex our in-house, augmented reality muscles. The result is an intuitive and immersive App that takes the concept of buying tiles to a whole other level. Yes, this is tile shopping, but not as you know it.

Leroy Merlin iPad App

Death to the tile sample!

Anyone who has renovated their home will know how hard it is to choose the right products. You’re swamped with swatch books and tile samples and often the finished wall or floor is not what you’d envisaged. It’s a problem that our Marketing Director, Guy, was only too familiar with. But, what Guy doesn’t know about augmented reality and digital visualisation is frankly not worth knowing, so he knew there would be a better way. We just needed to look at things … differently.

Leroy Merlin Ipad App

Combining Guy’s augmented reality magic with some ICE creative flair and strategic thinking, we delivered Leroy Merlin an App which is, quite literally, larger than life.

This powerful visualisation tool may be the end for the tile sample, but it’s the beginning of a more immersive and engaging sales experience for Leroy Merlin customers…

Augmented reality, enhanced experience

Harnessing the latest augmented reality technology, this intuitive App allows Leroy Merlin’s customers to visualise its Astuce range of tiles, from the comfort of their own home. Applying photorealistic digital samples into the real-world field of view, we’re able to give customers the impression that the tiles are actually in the room. Users are able to not only view tiles but experiment with the vast array of different colours, sizes and laying patterns; providing them with a high degree of confidence about how the final room will look.

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  • Full app concept and UI design
  • Visualisation and 3D rendering
  • Augmented reality technology


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