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Hotel du Vin

A Lasting relationship

We’re proud to have Hotel du Vin as one of our most loyal clients. We’ve worked on their print and marketing collateral for years through our experienced and dedicated print management team ICE PLUS. And, with our creative studio on hand for artworking, design and proofing, we have a great blend of talents to ensure we keep every one of Hotel du Vin’s luxury hotels fully stocked with all their wide ranging print collateral.

• Dedicated print management
• Experts in special print finishing
• Rapid turnaround times

the finer details

In the hotel industry, every detail counts. Which is why we ensure every print job is delivered to the highest quality, using the best finishing houses in the industry. ICE PLUS have access to a network of print specialists and paper suppliers, allowing us to offer market-leading prices. Talk to us to find out how our ethical and transparent print business model could help you save on print spend without compromising on quality. Hotel du Vin have been doing just that with us year after year…

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