Augmented Reality – Why Apple’s entry to the AR market is better late than never…

Allowing developers to create augmented reality experiences for iPhone and iPad, Apple’s newly launched ARKit is causing quite a stir in the tech world.  But while AR has been lauded as Apple’s latest technology drive, it’s actually been ‘the next big thing’ for several years now, in fact here at The ICE Agency, it’s been our business reality, for quite some time. It may be late to the AR party but Apple has none the less executed well and we’re all pretty excited that augmented reality is firmly back on the map.

As someone who’s been working with augmented reality for the last eight years, I’ve seen a lot of shifts in the industry. As far back as 2009, Augmented Reality Advertising was introduced as a concept which tried but ultimately failed to capture the public imagination. Last summer, Nintendo had significantly more luck when Pokemon Go exploded onto the blogosphere and firmly into the collective consciousness. Here at The ICE Agency, we’ve always seen the potential of Augmented Reality. So much more than just a technological fad, it’s the home furnishing visualisation application, the virtual coach or even the on-job training platform. Imagine surgeons being shown exact procedures as they try to perform a task, dramatically removing error and guesswork. The applications and solutions are endless and while everyone has been off chasing virtual Pikachus, we have been busy working on ways to further develop this exciting technology and that’s why we continue to remain ahead of the AR game.

So, when Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings fame recently launched his make-your-own-movie AR platform it may have been a brilliantly executed demo but actually it has all been done before. Five years ago, to be exact when, working in conjunction with the BBC, my Tree Fu Tom application rocked the App Store, bringing this popular Cbeebies character to life using the same concept. And Apple’s new partnership with IKEA, which will allow shoppers to visualise products in their own home before they’ve even spent a penny, is preceded by our own apps for Thomas Sanderson and Leroy Merlin which have been allowing their customers to do the same thing for some time now.

You see, at The ICE Agency we’ve built a pioneering and entrepreneurial visualisation team dedicated to tackling business challenges with precisely this sort of technology. And, not one to rest on our AR laurels, we’re always learning, testing and innovating as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible.  That’s why we’re part of a pioneering, government-funded scheme, working with Loughborough University to develop some ground-breaking machine learning applications that will allow us to take further strides into Augmented Reality and visualisation. I can’t tell you how we are doing it but I can tell you it won’t just be for Apple device users. These are the technologies that are revolutionising digital marketing and we are firmly at the forefront. And what’s more, we’re taking our clients with us. So if, like Apple, you want to join the AR party, just give The ICE Agency a call.

Writen by
Guy Wilcox
Posted: 23rd September 2017